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Way to Kaza - Spiti Valley

Kaza is in the middle of nowhere! Deep inside the Spiti valley, Kaza has got its popularity comparatively recently, when people found Spiti Valley as a cheaper and quicker option to Ladakh.

On the way to Kaza

It’s a circular route to say. You can go from Shimla side and come out to Manali or vice versa. When I went there in April 2021, Kunzum pass was closed as it was still snowing. So I went and returned from Shimla side. On return journey the same road looks a bit different ! So I enjoyed. As you go ahead from Rekong Peo region, slowly the green vegetation starts disappearing and only barren land is seen. On the way to Kaza there are a few popular villages of Nako, Tabo and some other few. Each offering something special. Buddhist influence increases and Monasteries with 500 year old mummy and large Buddha statues such welcome you.

On the way I spotted an apiary. Road side bee keeping! There are tin many many boxes scattered along side the road and a small tent for the guy who manages that!

This entire region is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen, and so is the drive through it. You see stunning meadows on both the sides of the road, then there are snow-peaks, there are caves on the way, there are deep valleys you cut through, and of course huge rivers with little water most of the times. You come across a couple of smaller villages too, Some Gompas and all that usual scenery you see in Ladakh. Just that this feels little more greener than Ladakh. The road eventually goes to famous Kunzum pass and of course Chandrataal lake. I couldn't go there as due to snowfall the road was closed. Otherwise I could have taken the exit from this side to Manali. But April obviously is too early for that. Here are a few pics..



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