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Visionary Musician – Milind Date


Spectacular Bansuri player, Milind Date is a renowned musician who has grasped the essence of Indian culture through his art. Known as the ‘Virtuoso’ and a ‘Stage King’ for his immaculate Bansuri- the Indian bamboo flute, Milind is one of the senior-most disciples of world-famous Bansuri legend – Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. 


An innovator and a traditionalist, he has over 3,500 performances to his credit and a vast experience of performing on various stages for varied size of audience apart from composing music for many films and documentaries including the highly sensational film, ‘Among The Believers’.


He has been nominated for several awards, of which the most prominent ones are the EMMYs and GiMA. He is a recipient of prestigious Femina Most Powerful Award 2019-2020.  Milind also is a recipient of the important award Economic Times Gen Next Award 2020. A disciple of Pt. Ajit Soman, Milind has since 1989 been under the tutelage of legendary Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia.


Milind is credited for creating more than 12 new raags, and many of his compositions are highly popular amongst his fans. He has collaborated over 150 top musicians from different parts of the world.


Although Milind’s main study is in Indian Classical and Folk Music, he also has studied Devotional Music, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Fusion-World Music and experimented with several music and dance forms. The versatile composer has performed for Russian President Hon. Vladimir Putin and on another occasion for the HonIndian President Bharat Ratna Hon. Pranab Mukharjee. Milind has also had the opportunity to perform for many Governors of states of India, Chief Ministers and ministers from different states in India and some other countries as well.


 – Economic Times [Abridged]       

Latest Releases 

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Meditation Music 

Maitri Bhavana is one of the most penetrating meditations. You need not be afraid of getting into some sort of self-hypnosis; it is not. In fact, it is a sort of de-hypnosis. It looks like hypnosis because it is the reverse process.

Maitri Bhavana is an effort to bring back your natural mind. It is an effort to give you back your original face. It is an effort to bring you to the point where you were, when you were born and the society had not yet corrupted you. When a child is born he is in Maitri Bhavana.

Maitri Bhavana. means a great feeling of friendship, love, compassion.

Anxiety means that you have divided yourself into compartments which are fighting against each other. Anxiety is not a disease, it is a product of the modern lifestyle. A mishandling of your own mind/body.

With this meditation you will see how easily anxiety can be transformed into joy, bliss and celebration. It is your own life energy invested in a wrong way. Understand it, reclaim it and make your life a celebration.  You will feel like the famous American poet Walt Wittman: I celebrate myself! I sing myself!


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Recent release from Milind  - Bansuri Lounge, is a perfect companion for a late evening relaxed mood. Perfect for reading a book after a day of work! Or a long relaxed drive!


Bansuri Lounge is a Minimalistic album. Bansuri flute is the main instrument and just a few supporting instruments can be heard. Acoustic Nylon String Guitar creates the main grooves, that are supported by the subtle percussions and light drum grooves. Bass and Keyboards add the texture to the sound that makes you relax.


The melodies are not raag based. They follow a simple modal route and the instrumentation adds colour of jazz to the entire sound.

Track 1 - Waiting For You
Track 2 - Day Dreaming
Track 3 - First Look
Track 4 - The  Smile
Track 5 - Hypnotic Kiss

Alternatively, From India you can Paytm or Google Pay the amount to +919823386163 and  sms or whatsapp the details to the same number. Download link shall be sent to you.
Milind With Milind 2
Milind With Milind 2

Milind Vijay Ghate
Milind Vijay Ghate


Milind With Milind 2
Milind With Milind 2

Milind was lucky to perform for Respected Sai Kaka at his residence.