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Press clippings about Milind
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And when it is flute, you do not ask who? Milind Date the flautist... - Indian Express

You haven’t heard Fusion music until you have heard Fusion Ensemble… - MCC 

A distinctive display of musical genius and top notch flute by Lead artist Milind Date! – Indo American News – Huston

Milind Date, India’s best known flute player enraptured the crowd with an out-of-this-world performance – Herald – Panjim – Goa

Taufiq was terrific, drumming up a storm. Milind was his usual impeccable self, the notes from his flute evoking pathos, poignancy, and the permanence of the cosmos – City Beat

It was Milind Date’s versatile flute which held us mesmerized. With his amazing lung power, technical brilliance and crowd savvy, this disciple of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia enchanted the crowd right through… The Times of India

It is said, that this unique phenomenon takes place, when body and soul are in a state of sublime bliss. This ‘Deepwoods’ we urge you to lose yourself in the ethereal plane of spirituality…..Your medium…The one and the Only one – Fusion Ensemble – Deepwoods – Madras

In a 40 minutes performance Fusion Ensemble literally made the audience gasp for breath, and the cries of “Once More, Once More” were heard after almost every number – Mid Day.

It was Fusion Ensemble’s performance today which will linger on for a long time The Herald – Goa

The climax, where all the instruments went into fourth gear, made you feel as if you were in the space shuttle Colombia, shooting off into space – Mid Day

Milind Date showed everyone that all the hi-tech equipment and gadgets are all fine, but when he took to his humble flute, the crowd was in raptures. – Times of India

Finally, a night of superb and enthralling music at Jazz Garden. Fusion Ensemble, surely a brainchild of flawless flautist Milind Date, presented a mesmerizing set on Saturday August 21st. – City Beat

 But never mind. The flute jam during Roadhouse Blues thrilled the wild crowds to the core. – Indian Express However, the highlight of the evening certainly was the Jugalbandi [Duet] performed by flautist Milind Date and the guitarist. – Mid Day
Milind Date transported us again into the fairy like world….. Indian Express

The band played world class fusion with their own compositions like ‘Amphitheatre’, which Milind composed based on Fergusson College at Pune. Another great original composition was ‘Camel Walk’ dedicated to the people of Rajasthan, who were suffering due to drought. Fusion Ensemble, who were a treat to the ears, received a rich applause from the crowd. – Herald – Goa

 A promising young flautist with the exact sight for flute playing…… Loksatta – (Translated from Marathi)

The performance of Milind Date, the master student of the greatest master of Flute, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, was the special attraction of the festival. Both { Uday and Milind } artists from Pune, simply won the hearts of the folks of Aurangabad…. The speciality of their playing, was that along with the influence of their Gurus, both of them have a remarkable original style evolved from their own thought processes…. Sanj Warta – Aurangabad (Translated from Marathi)

The duo had the students engrossed in their classical Jugalbandies and their rendition of Milind’s composition in 16 beats had the reading hall reverberating with applause – The Times of India

The lilting notes from Milind Date’s flute added, as (MF) Hussain elegantly coloured the canvas in a tricolour to pay his tribute to Kargil. – The Times of India.

Milind’s haunting flute notes left the crowd in a tizzy….. The Mid – Day

A very innovative Jugalbandi (duet)…… Indian Express
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