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Earth Concerto

Earth Concerto is a unique project of a well-known critic and producer from South Korea and Milind. 


In this project they have incorporated musicians from Morocco – Israel, Iran, Iraq, India and Korea. Tthey have collaborated and created New Music.


The album symbolizes a new era for humanity: a musical journey, where the musicians set forth on a voyage in quest of world peace. A journey of experimentation, which takes one from the spiritual aura of India to the undying fascination of the Far East and thence to the culturally rich lands of the Middle East. Presenting compositions that blend different music styles to create soulful, soothing and melodious music, Earth Concerto is a tribute to humankind’s eternal search for unity in diversity.

The album Earth Concerto has won the prestigious “Critics Choice Award” in South Korea. The speciality of this album also is that there is no western instrument used. Milind has cleverly used various Eastern Instruments to create the complete sound spectrum.



Earth Concerto – Credits

Performers :-

Milind Date (India) :- Production, Bansuri, Piri, Taanpura, Compositions, Arrangements

Mohmad Alnuma (Iraq) :- Voice, Oud, Composition.

Ramadhan Mir Suisa (Morocco-Isreal):-Voice, Darbouka, Duf, Santoor, Percussions

Zhubin Kalhor (Iran):- Voice, Kamanche, Duf, Percussion Instruments

Nilesh Randive (India) :- Voice, Tabla, Dholak, Indian Percussion instruments

Lim Won Sik (Korea) :- Korean Big Drums, Korean Percussion instruments

Produced by Kim Jinmook and Milind Date

Musical Director : Kim Jinmook
Music Arrangements : Milind Date

Design : MUSONG
Cover Painting : ‘A Torch for World Peace’ by Priyanka Dhakan (India, 2002)

Recorded at : Studio Max- Goa (India); The Floating Studio- Pune (India); Seoam Studio (Sound Engineer – Moon youngjin)- Chunchon (Korea)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Milind Date
Recordings done between January 2005 to August 2005 / Release : October 2005'

Instruments used -

Bansuri (Traditional Indian Bamboo Flute)
Daebuk (Korean Huge Drum)
Darbuka ( Arabic Drum )
Dholak (Indian Two Sided Drum)
Dimdi (North Indian Small Frame Drum)
Djimbe(African Drum)
Duf (Frame Drum)
Ghungroo (Small Bells from India )
Kamanche (Persian Fiddle)
Khanjira (South Indian Small Frame Drum)
Komungo (6 Silk Stringed Korean Zither, played with a plectrum)
Kwengari (Korean Brass Plate Percussion played with a Wooden Stick)
Manjira (Indian Small Hand Bells)
Modumbuk (Korean Skin Drum set)
Nagak / Shankh (Big Sea Shell)
Oud (Persian Lute)
Piri (Korean Double reed instrument made up of Bamboo)
Santoor (97-100 stringed instrument played with sticks. Common in many countries in the East)
Tabla (Traditional Indian Percussion Set)
Taanpura ( Four stringed plucked instrument used as a drone)

We Thank…. Vinita (India), Max (Denmark), Abbas Kiarostami (Iran) … and Our Families.

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