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New Age Music

Milind has been following Acharya Rajneesh - Osho for many years. In his journey, Milind met many, many excellent musicians from different parts of the world. Creating music with them has left deep impressions on Milind's own music.

Milind's journey in Meditation / Relaxation - New Age music started at Osho Commune International - Pune. Later on Milind was fortunate to get blessings and guidance from the enlightened Master - Sai Kaka at Panchgani, A hill station near Pune.


Revered Master Sai Kaka has deep connection with Indian Classical Music. His understanding of music is very deep. With His blessings MIlind released dozens of albums that are specifically created for the Relaxation / Meditation genre. Most of which are now available on all streaming sites for free listening. You can also buy high quality music files from

Here are a chosen few -

Music for Sleep

Today's world gives us tremendous amount of stress. One of the most common problems with many people is insomnia. Sleepless nights spent are a hazard for the next day of work too. Milind has recorded several albums using instruments like Bansuri, Tibetan Bowls, Shakuhachi, Taanpura, and lush expansive keyboard sounds. Some of these albums are based on different raags in Indian Classical Music system and some are not based on any raag, but just have music that goes with the mood.

It is best if one listens to this music while in dark or dimly lit room and at low volumes. Definitely not to play this music while working or driving etc.

Shanti Nidra - Music for Sleep

Shanti Nidra - Music For Sleep is a series of albums based on different raags in Indian Classical Music system. The Bansuri has been played in a unique manner that will take the listener towards the deep sleep and silence.

Shanti Nidra - Tranquil Mind - Yaman Final.jpg
Divine Sleep - Naad Nidra Series - Music for Sleep -

Naad Nidra is a series of 4 albums that are specifically created for deep sleep. These albums have sounds of lush keyboards and Bansuri along with some other sounds. The music is not based on any specific raag.

Naad Nidra Sushupti.jpg
Music for Relaxation and Meditation
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