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Bansuri Lounge

Latest release from Milind  - Bansuri Lounge, is a perfect companion for a late evening relaxed mood. Perfect for reading a book after a day of work! Or a long relaxed drive!


Bansuri Lounge is a Minimalistic album. Bansuri flute is the main instrument and just a few supporting instruments can be heard. Acoustic Nylon String Guitar creates the main grooves, that are supported by the subtle percussions and light drum grooves. Bass and Keyboards add the texture to the sound that makes you relax.


The melodies are not raag based. They follow a simple modal route and the instrumentation adds colour of jazz to the entire sound.

Track 1 - Waiting For You
Track 2 - Day Dreaming
Track 3 - First Look
Track 4 - The Smile
Track 5 - Hypnotic Kiss

Album cover designed by Mahesh Jeste.

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