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Book store and a café

Cafe with a library in McLeod Ganj

While walking on the streets of McLeod Ganj, just little before the Dalai Lama Temple there is a cozy library. In today's world finding book shop or a library itself is a very warm thing! They also have a small café there. Tibetan bread and my favourite hot chocolate is a favoured menu for me. I have spent hours and hours in that book cafe. Initially drinking coffee, and once I stopped coffee, then Hot Chocolate. I just love the combination of the smells of books and coffee.

For days and days I would go there daily and spend time in writing and reading for a couple of hours. One day when I was just walking back to my seat from the counter, a book on the bookshelf caught my eye. It said loudly on the side cover - How to get rid of 50% of your problems.

I have bought two copies.

I am sure all 100% problems of mine will be gone forever now!! ☺☺



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