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Bosgo and Mulbekh

Bosgo Monastery

Mulbekh Monastery -

While on the way to Leh from Kargil you come across a magnificent monument. I don’t think it's one of the top popular tourist spots in Ladakh. Although it's very much on the road to Kargil. I mean you practically don’t have to walk more than 100 feet to reach there. Its visible from the road too.

It is a tall Maitreya Buddha Statue ! It would have been great to see the entire statue from across the road, but there is a small temple built around it and it spoils the beauty of this ancient statue. The statue is about 30 feet tall and is around 800 years old. The temple in itself is quite nice and well maintained.

While coming from Kargil, Mulbekh is the first place where you see the Buddhist influence. Till then from Kashmir, everything around you has Muslim influence.

Bosgo -

Bosgo also is on the same highway from Kargil to Leh. Not so popular destination for tourists, Bosgoo was a palace in the past, eventually it became a monastery. You see lots of ruins around the main building. Personally I feel the road to the monastery is more interesting than the buildings.

It's a short drive from the highway. It goes through some farms and till you actually reach the gompa, you don’t really see the beauty of it. The road till there is short but magnificent. I stopped every 2 minutes and clicked pictures!



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