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Haridwar is a very important place in Hindu world. This time the famous Kumbh mela was going on. So it was crowded. Although this time due to covid and lockdown, the crowd was slightly lesser. Afterwards some statisticians proved that in fact the covid spread went down after the Kumbh Mela.

The infrastructure in Haridwar is immaculate now. There are long flyovers and if you want, you can completely bypass the town of Haridwar.

I parked my car and got inside the town. It was clean and tidy. I must say, Clean India scheme [Swaccha Bharat] of the government has worked greatly all over the country. People all over have understood the importance of cleanliness. The town was buzzing with pilgrims from all over the places. There were chants to be heard everywhere. Hundreds were taking a dip in the river Ganga that was flowing with substantial force. There were guards around and chains inside the water to prevent anyone from getting washed away.

I saw a father carrying his grown up son on his back. The son was clearly ill. I remembered going to Rishikesh years ago with my parents. I was small and in school then. I got fever and my father had carried me on his shoulder to the doctor and back to the hotel we stayed.

I found a auto rixa guy and asked him to show me around so I could click pictures the way I want. I think it was a good decision! Got some nice pictures too.



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