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Hemis Monastery - Ladakh

Hemis monastery has a special place in my life. Somehow I feel connected with that place. So much so, that one entire chapter in my forthcoming fiction novel takes place there.

Hemis Monastery

Not too far from Leh, Hemis is located in the Shang valley. I have visited it many a times over the last few decades. This trip I went there 5-6 times. Enroute to it you pass Shey palace, Stok palace, Stakna Monastery and the famous Thiksey monastery. Also there are a couple of lesser known monasteries, as well as Buddhist nunneries nearby too. All these places are beautiful and if you have time, you could visit there too.

This time due to the fear of corona there were less tourists and it was honestly much, much more enjoyable. I have been lucky to visit many places internationally where it was just one or two other tourists besides me.

Lots of information can be found about Hemis online. But to tell you some points that interested me - Hemis is the most important monastery in Ladakh. It is said and probably documented, that Jesus lived here when he visited India. And they have a fabulous museum in the basement. The monks here are quite welcoming and their annual festival is an exotic sight! Especially the Masked Dances.

Here are some pictures from 2021June.



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