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Mullayan Giri

I got to know about Mullayana Giri from a friend, only a day before I went there. He was going to Murudeshwar from Mullayan Giri and I was going uphill from Udupi. He told me the peak and mountain was completely under clouds and fog and that he couldn’t see much. I made plans to visit there, I took my chances and well, the weather had completely changed overnight and it was completely clean sky day for me! I wouldn't have minded the foggy road too, But honestly when I actually drove on those roads, I was happy there was no mist, fog, clouds and it's 23 other versions! The drive was literally enthralling for me.

Mullayana Giri is the tallest peak in Karnataka, standing tall with about 1900 mt height from sea level. Giri means mountain. How it got the name Mullayana is unknown or disputed. This peak in reality is a twin peak, with Seethalayyana giri peak next to it. it is near the town of Chikmaglur. The real thing I loved with Mullayana Giri was essentially the drive through coffee estates. It's simply magical. Put some lovely music in the car and breeze through on the curves of the mountains, while there is minimal traffic! At some point the road bifurcates and one goes to the other peak, one goes to Mullayana Giri. Go ahead and there is a big chowk. From that point busses can't go ahead. And there is a lot of drive or climb from that point. The road to the peak can be scary if you are driving new. But while climbing down the road doesn't look so tough!! It is not tough at all actually! I stayed at the peak for a short while and returned. On the way back stopped and several places as the views are mesmerising, and I am totally a mountain person!



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