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Pohe at the remotest place in India !

I have travelled to many, many places. Mainly for my performances. I get to see lots of different food in front of me. And still I am not a foodie at all. I eat anything that comes in front of me - As far as it is vegetarian and absolutely not spicy. Since last 7-8 years, every year I have lived in Himalayas for months and months. And thankfully I always have managed to find a good restaurant which will give me good food. This time it was quite different. I was travelling in North and that means all I would get for breakfast was Paratha ! The most boring thing in the universe of food! The north has no idea what Pohe or Upama or Sabudana Kichadi is. Only a few places you might find such exotic things. In South we have 10 types of Dossas, and 5 types of Idlees, dozens of different Wadaas and Upama and what not! By the time I reached back home, I was completely fed up with the Paratha! [They have samosa and some puri bhaji, but either it's too oily or too heavy for me.] In any case when I reached Kaza in Spiti Valley, it was the most lonely road I had travelled. For miles and miles I wouldn’t see a single car or for that matter not even a human. Barring a couple of police check posts, there was absolutely nothing on the road. Lots of road construction is going on around Nako, but I didn't see any workers anywhere. May be it was a Sunday. I had lost track of days and dates long ago!

Miles and miles of road, and i was alone there!

In Kaza, I decided to give a try to some hostel there. I didn't have any good opinion about hostels I had seen in Rishikesh. And had never stayed in any. This hostel was all it promised. Noisy, careless and expensive. Basically hostels are not for me. I was and won't ever be looking for a 'Like Minded' person to travel with, nor I was and ever am going to look for a hook up. But…. Next day morning the hostel offered me a thing that really made my day! Pohe!!!!!

Breakfast at Kaza !

After about 4 months of hardship of eating Parathas every day, finally I found Pohe! Obviously the most expensive - More than inflight priced Pohe, but they were Pohe!!! I never realised how much Pohe would mean to me. Because I have stayed away- outside India [ Korea being the worst for vegetarians] for months and months and yet have never missed Pohe. But then no one fed me with only one type of food for several months there!!



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