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Prayer From The Heart

Prayer from the heart is one of the first New Age albums by Milind. It is released by Polyglobe Music in Euriope.

March 2008 Milind’s relaxation album Prayer From The Heart was released by the Austrian record label Polyglobe records.

Tastefully blended nature sounds, and the haunting sound of the Bamboo Flute make the music comforting, soothing and relaxing. Specially created keyboard pads support the music, weaving a unique texture to make it tranquil. This music is apt for meditation, relaxation, ‘Reiki’, ‘Pranik Healing’ or any such Healing Art or Therapy.

The first piece -a simple, flowing Bansuri track – creates a very calm and peaceful atmosphere forming the perfect base for the following compositions.

On the second track, the mesmerizing voice of Tanmayo creates a melody entwining with the mellifluous notes of her violin.

The third track offers some deep and serene nuances of the Bansuri like that of in Dhrupad.

And finally, the last track is based on Raag Bhairavi, the Raag traditionally played at the end of concerts in India. Shubhangi’s lilting voice and Tanmayo’s suave violin, converse with each other while the tinkling sounds of the Swaramandal or the Chroma-Harp gives the music another dimension.

Track list and credits :-

1) Blessings Of The Ocean      07:40

2) Inner Voice                           06:51

3) Path Of Serenity                  25:12

4) Prayer From The Heart        06:22

Produced by Milind Date

Voice on Track 2 and Violin on track 2 &4 – Tanmayo

Voice on track 4 – Shubhangi

Rest All – Milind Date

Recorded at ‘The Floating Studio’

Mixed and Mastered at ‘The Wavecure Labs’



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