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Sangla and Chitkul

In the last week of April 2021, I was travelling in Himachal. I think it was a delayed winter for the higher altitudes. It was quite cold above 2000 mt from sea level, and every alternate day there would be snowfall. From Rampur, I travelled to Sangla and then to Chitkul. Once I left the badly maintained highway, the road became even worse; Just so that I won't miss my Maharashtra roads.

Some landslides here and there, and I did escape falling boulders a couple of times. One of the boulder was bigger than my car, and it just jumped in front of me and thankfully disappeared in the 5000 feet valley below. I have video somewhere, shot from my dashcam.

As I reached Sangla, I found the village closed down due to some local issue. The winds of corona - the Chinese Virus were getting stronger in the country, but thankfully there was nothing much up in the mountains. In reality, I was in one of the safest place.

Undoubtedly that region is one of the most beautiful places in the country! I did have some lovely time there, composed some music, drove around a lot, and played lots of flute…

Here are some pictures clicked around the village of Sangla, Some on the way to Chitkul. In any case, no photograph will ever come to close to the reality!



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