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Wedding Party at Sangla

While I was going to Chitkul in Himachal. After exploring a few days in and around Sangla one fine afternoon I spotted a wedding party. They all looked so happy and exotic in their traditional attires. I thought probably they were a small family coming from a wedding. They were ! One guy was quite drunk but no one really cared!

I stopped my car and pretended to look at my mobile. No one seemed to care about me or for that matter anything around them. They were laughing, talking and singing and were just being merry! I simply kept looking at their joyous faces. After a short while one of the guys noticed me and gave me a big smile. Soon enough I landed up asking him if I could click some pics of their group. They were quite happy actually. One of the guys asked me if he could get the pics, I said I can whatsapp the pics once I reach back to my hotel. I sent the pics later that day. But there and then I showed the pics to them in my camera, and oh boy, they were so happy to see the pictures! Then I played some wedding song for them on my flute too! They got into a small dance to that !!! It was certainly one of those moments in your travel, where you just become a part of universe around you that is happy and satisfied!!



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