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Milind and Ungrateful Cows of Spiti

Cows of Spiti are bad people. I am telling you, just believe me. I, personally, for once, am never ever going to talk to them now. No matter how much they woo me henceforth!

Now, for centuries and millenniums it is an established and proven fact, that many guys who walk the sheep, goat and cows and their brotherhood, sit somewhere and play flute. Cows and other animals like it too.

Well, like everywhere in Himalayas, I spotted a herd of cows on the plush meadows of Spiti Valley. Some were sitting and chewing the cud, some were just walking around, some were grazing in the pasture. So basically they were not doing anything. Exactly like what we have done for decades of sitting in Vaishali - our once a popular joint in Pune.

Here in Spiti I stepped out from the car. it was damn cold outside. I clicked some pictures here and there. It was fun - shivering fun! Then I decided to entertain them with my enchanting flute. I thought the right time has come for me to walk into the new profession of becoming a cow herder. I, then started playing the most beautiful music I could think of at that moment.

I was playing and I sensed some movement behind my back. The cows had got alert. And some had started walking. Within a few more seconds the cows that were half asleep also got up and they all started running away from me! Then some remaining few too were seen running somewhere unknown!

I have never seen such ungrateful bunch of cows in my life !!!! Grrrrr!

God knows what they understood from my music!! Probably their humans must have wondered why the cows returned so early today! What to do! Such is life!!
Looking back, now I think it was good that they ran away, instead had they attacked me, there was no tree to climb up and escape !!

Milind and Ungrateful Cows of Spiti
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