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Sunand Sarang
Sunand Sarang.jpg

Sunand Sarang – This is a Raag created by Milind. Belonging to the family of Sarang, this raag can be said as a version of Madhyamaadi Sarang. The Rasa or the mood of the Raag is Shant or Calm and Peaceful.  Milind plays a composition in Roopak Taal after his beautiful Aalap Jod and Zhala.

Milind created this Raag while sitting in a peaceful room in Cincinnati. He was to perform a concert in Detroit. A rare occasion to perform in the afternoon, it was.


After practicing Raag Madhyamaadi Sarang for a while Milind came up with this unique idea of adding Komal Dhaivat to it in a very specific manner. And Sunand Sarang was born ! Raag Sunand Sarang is a vriation derived from Madhyamadi Sarang.


1] Sunand Sarang – Aalap

2] Sunand Sarang  – Jod

3] Sunand Sarand – Bandish in Roopak

4] Desh

5] Dhun Shivranjani


Tabla – Uday Deshpande

Recorded at Dawn Studios by Tushar Pandit on 29th October 2014

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