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Celebrity Flautist - Milind Date

Milind Date

Visionary Musician – Milind Date


Spectacular Bansuri player, Milind Date is a renowned musician who has grasped the essence of Indian culture through his art. Known as the ‘Virtuoso’ and a ‘Stage King’ for his immaculate Bansuri- the Indian bamboo flute, Milind is one of the senior-most disciples of world-famous Bansuri legend – Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. 


An innovator and a traditionalist, he has over 3,500 performances to his credit and a vast experience of performing on various stages for varied size of audience apart from composing music for many films and documentaries including the highly sensational film, ‘Among The Believers’.


He has been nominated for several awards, of which the most prominent ones are the EMMYs and GiMA. He is a recipient of prestigious Femina Most Powerful Award 2019-2020.  Milind also is a recipient of the important award Economic Times Gen Next Award 2020. A disciple of Pt. Ajit Soman, Milind has since 1989 been under the tutelage of legendary Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia.


Milind is credited for creating more than 12 new raags, and many of his compositions are highly popular amongst his fans. He has collaborated over 150 top musicians from different parts of the world.


Although Milind’s main study is in Indian Classical and Folk Music, he also has studied Devotional Music, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Fusion-World Music and experimented with several music and dance forms. The versatile composer has performed for Russian President Hon. Vladimir Putin and on another occasion for the HonIndian President Bharat Ratna Hon. Pranab Mukharjee. Milind has also had the opportunity to perform for many Governors of states of India, Chief Ministers and ministers from different states in India and some other countries as well.


 – Economic Times [Abridged]       

Now Released !!
Sunand Bhairav New Sm.jpg

Sunand Bhairav is a newly created raag by Milind. It is a morning melody. The mood is serene and devotional / meditative.

Latest Release !!
Swar Venu - Bheempalas Durga

Swart Venu is an instrumental Indian Classical Music Album.

Milind has played the popular evening raag - Raag Bheempalas. According to his gharana - Senia-Maihar Gharana discipline, Milind starts in the Dhrupad style and the rhythm cycle is that of 12 beats - Ek Taal

Raag Durga is another popular melody. Milind plays two compositions set to the Teen Taal.

The last track on the album is Bhatiyali Dhun. This is a Bangla folk melody.

Tabla is performed by well-known artist Charudatta Phadke

Milind's TedX Talk

Revently Milind gave his first ever TedX talk. it was held in Vashi - A suburb of Mumbai by D.Y.Patil College.

In those 12 minutes Milind spoke about the relationship of day-to-day sounds with music. He also emphasised on the cultural reference behind sounds that we hear all the time and its usage in music.

The talk was warmly received, and Milind is slated to give another Ted talk soon.

Released Now !!
Prabhat Sagar sm.jpg

Prabhat Sagar is a pure Indian Classical Music Album by Milind.

Milind Plays a little uncommon Raag - Raag Mangal Bhairav in Dhrupad style and the rhythm cycle is that of 7 beats - Roopal Taal

Shivranjani is a popular melody. Many songs can be found based on this raag. Milind plays a Dhun.

Tabla is performed by well-known artist Charudatta Phadke

Available at

Coontempletive Morning - Ahir Bhairav - Charukeshi Final sm.jpg

Contemplative Morning is a pure Indian Classical Music Album by Milind.

He has been accompanied on Tabla by most sought after tabla player Pt. Charudatta Phadke.

Raag Ahir Bhairav is played in Dhrupad style and the rhythm cycle is that of 9 beats - Matta Taal

Charukeshi is played in Shailesh Taal of five and half beats [5.5]

Buddha Mind Shakuhachi.jpg

Buddha Mind is an album of meditation music. Japanese woodwind instrument - Shakuhachi flute is used in it.


The music is soft, ethereal and and takes the listener on an inwards journey.

Shanti Nidra - Tranquil Mind - Yaman Final.jpg
Naad Nidra-Sushupti

Shanti Nidra - Music For Sleep is a series of albums.  Different raags that are supposed to be performed at night are used for each album.

Instead of performing in the traditional way, in this album the music is performed in a very slow pace and with some specific methods that shall help in sleeping.

Alternatively depending on which meditation you want to do, you can also use this peaceful track for meditation.

Naad Nidra - is the series of 4 alums which uses interesting keyboard elements to support the soft and soothing sound of Bansuri flute.

Music For Sleep Series

Available at

Recent release from Milind  - Bansuri Lounge, is a perfect companion for a late evening relaxed mood. Perfect for reading a book after a day of work! Or a long relaxed drive!


Bansuri Lounge is a Minimalistic album. Bansuri flute is the main instrument and just a few supporting instruments can be heard. Acoustic Nylon String Guitar creates the main grooves, that are supported by the subtle percussions and light drum grooves. Bass and Keyboards add the texture to the sound that makes you relax.


The melodies are not raag based. They follow a simple modal route and the instrumentation adds colour of jazz to the entire sound.

Gallery -
MIlind has been fortunate to perform at the feet of several great spiritual masters. The great sages Osho, Sai Kaka, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Nirmala Devi, Sadhu Vaswani have blessed him. 

Milind's specially composed music is used for many videos and discourses of Acharya Prashant Ji.

Recently Milind was lucky to perform for Respected Sai Kaka at his residence.
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